Who We Are

About Us

All Cops Ain’t Bad, Inc.

Our purpose is “Bridging the Gap between our Cops and the Community”. We want to show the world that we are “only human”.


We also coordinate and provide support and relief to all First Responders with an emphasis on “Cops” who have fallen in the line of duty and “Victims of Police Brutality”.


We bring healing to our Communities and their families through comedy, counseling, peer mentoring, individually and in comedy concert settings, filled with lots of laughter and love.


Our goal is to raise awareness through community events, media outlets, social media, service organizations and churches, screaming to the top of our voices that… “All Cop’s Ain’t Bad”.


Please help and show the world that you are (ALL-IN) by making a donation and supporting upcoming comedy concerts in your area.


Please help by keeping the support and awareness moving forward.


Happy Laughing !

What We Do

All Cops Ain’t Bad, Inc. has adopted the name “A.C.A.B.”, which is funded ONLY by donations, comedy concerts and contributions. With “A.C.A.B.”, $0.60 of every dollar raised supports and helps widowed spouses and families of officers and victims of police brutality and violent crimes!

Bridging the Gap Between Cops and the Community

Our Partners

Our Executive Members

Daryll Triplett

Partner 31 Years LE

William (W.T.) Trent


Godreque Newsom Sr.


Netrice Bell

Board Member

Jameel Diaz Esq.

In-House Counsel

Dan Frenkel

Board Member Former LE

Robert McCrary

Litigation Attorney 30 Years

Debbie Hendry

Board Member

Daryl Cameron

Board Member 15 Years LE

Misty Schwartz

Public Relations

Germany Kent

Board Member

First Responders Talent Search


ACAB is on a Nationwide hunt for the next big star!

Are you a First Responder who sings, dance, comedian, or have any special talents?

If so, we want to hear from you and when we are in your city we’ll drop you an email for an audition.

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